About Us

Our History

The Mandera anti-drug movement (MADMO) was formed in 2014 and later registered as a community based organization in Kenya in the year 2015. The organization, then, was the brainchild of local professional and traditional leaders from communities’ of Mandera County.

MADMO is founded on the need to address poverty and public distress in Kenya, with specific reference to youth in Mandera. These are attained through the development and implementation of community based programs for self-reliance and sustainable development.

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The overall programs have thus far revolved around drug abuse campaigns youth empowerment  and strengthening the capacities of local people, communities and CBOs to make them effective in drug abuse prevention and to prepare them for rehabilitation and development. MADMO uses unique participatory approaches to empower communities to control and manage their local (natural) resources relevant to the regions harsh climate & remoteness.

Presently MADMO operates mainly in Mandera County. The Mandera office is responsible for implementation and coordination of programmes and communication with stakeholders as well as linking local programmes with (inter)national issues

Service Quality

Completed Projects

Years of Service

Our Mission

Development though involvement of all stakeholders to bring about real and meaningful change both in action and attitude of the youth.

Our vision

Working towards a progressive and cohesive youth affairs so that out youth will have a better life style

Our team Member

Organizational culture

It’s our desire as MADMO to nature a culture that favours proactive and innovative developmental action. We strive for the highest standards possible of integrity, accountability and transparency from our all staff and members. We will work in a participative, consultative and collaborative way with our stakeholders and other likeminded persons and or organizations and to share information and learning with them. We ensure that the presence of women and their views is in an equal part of the organization at all levels. We hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable for the promotion of this internal culture.

Core Values

The following are the core values of MADMO

  1. Eradicating drugs and substance abuses.
  2. Peace building and conflict resolution.
  3. Environment protection and preservation.
  4. Youth empowerment.
  5. Income generating activates.
  6. HIV awareness


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