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Madmo Insurance Agency is licensed IRA/05/37550/2024 to carry out insurance business as an intermediary and has its Office Grand Dawa along B9 isiolo Road, Mandera and wajir. Through establishing partnerships with various reputable insurance companies in the industry, We offer two main types of Insurance Policies; Third Party Only (TPO) and Comprehensive Cover

Motor Products and Services

We provide insurance cover for Public Service Vehicles (PSV), Commercial Motor, Private Vehicles, and Taxi to protect our clients from any liability incurred by use of the motor vehicle. We offer two main types of Insurance Policies; Third Party Only (TPO) and Comprehensive Cover.

Third Party Only (TPO)
This is the basic, mandatory cover you as a motorist must have. It provides cover for third parties in case of bodily injury or damage to their property. Under TPO, we compensate the policy holder against legal liabilities incurred as a result of the use of the motor vehicle, such as, Third Party Injuries, Third Party Property Damage & Legal Representation. TPO applies to the following categories of vehicles.
  • PSV Matatu
  • PSV Matatu cover includes vehicles used in public transport with a seating capacity of 8-36. This cover can be arranged on monthly or annual basis.
  • PSV Bus
  • PSV bus is a vehicle used in public transport and has a seating capacity of 37-105.Buses under Third Party Only (TPO) are this cover can be arranged on monthly to annual basis.
  • Taxi
  • Taxi are vehicles with seating capacity of 2-7 that are engaged in a public transport business. Under this cover, policies can be arranged on monthly or annual basis for taxi owners.
  • Commercial Motor vehicles
  • Commercial motor include both own goods and general cartage vehicles used for carriage of goods in connection to insured’s business or for hire and reward. Policies can be arranged on monthly or annual basis.
  • Private Motor
  • Private motor are vehicles used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes or in connection to insured’s business. Currently we are only offering Third Party Only (TPO) cover for private vehicles. Policies can be arranged on monthly or annual basis.

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Comprehensive Cover
  • PSV Matatu
  • Under comprehensive Matatu cover, we offer both compensation on liabilities arising from third party and also accidental damage or loss of motor vehicle including standard accessories and spare parts. All comprehensive covers are annual policies only. We also offer policy extensions to cover Political, Violence & Terrorism and Excess protector at an additional cost. Get Covered Today!

    We Provide:

    Comprehensive cover

    Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance coverage, tailored to safeguard you in all situations.

    Third Party Only

    Ensure financial protection for third-party liabilities through our specialized Third Party Insurance plans.